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What is JAMS - Job Application Management System?

What is Qwert5 - JAMS?

JAMS - Job Application Maintenance System - is Qwert5's unique  service to Job Seekers based on a patent (applied-for) process.

JAMS is the new and easy way to search for job postings, apply to them and track them to closure - ALL in one place on Qwert5.

As the name suggests, you search for job postings by clicking the Search button. That option lets you enter any website URL in the provided box. As soon as you click the Open URL button, the browser window becomes half the width, while in the other half, a new browser window is opened which has the URL that you just provided. Now you navigate on that new window in the same manner as you would have done without Qwert5 - the difference is that in the Qwert5 window on the right, you now have access to the resume that you stored earlier - under the Apply option.

Moving information from your resume on the right to application form on the left is simple - drag and drop!

Complete your application form, but don't submit yet!

On the right window, now click on the Enter New Application menu option. And now drag and drop information in the reverse direction - from the application form on the left to Qwert5 on the right. Store each detail - employer name, location, title, recruiter name, email address, telephone number, where you found the posting and most important - change the date of next action and select the next action - for example follow up with recruiter on a date say two days after today.

Now submit your application on the left, save your application on the right and start getting reminders a day before the next action date!

Qwert5's JAMS has many other features - you can annotate your interactions in the Comments section, save info like what compensation you have told the recruiter you want for a position and even choose the sequence in which your applications should appear to you - you don't want to have an application where you stand the best chance to be at the bottom of the list only because it was submitted most recently?

Yes you can search anywhere, apply anywhere but keep track in one single place - here on Qwert5!




How do I register for JAMS - Job Application Management System?

How do I register for JAMS?

SAT Login Form

Registration is a simple process.

On the login page of JAMS click "Click for more" as in the screen shot.

Next click on "Not registered yet" and follow instructions.

How can I retrieve or change my password?


How can I retrieve a lost password or change a password?

SAT Login Form

On the login page of JAMS click "Click for more" as shown in the accompanying picture. Next click on "Lost Password" and follow instructions.


How can I retrieve my lost activation code?

How can I retrieve a lost activation code?

SAT Login Form

On the login page of JAMS click "Click for more" as shown in the accompanying picture. . Next click on "Lost Activation" and follow instructions.

How can I contact you?

How can I contact you?

From the login page, click [Contact]. From there, select the issue you want to contact us about and send in your query.

How can I change my Security Question and Answer?

How can I change my security question/answer?

SAT Login Form

You need to be logged in to be able to change the security question/answer associated with your account.

From your home page, click [My Account] and select the "Security Question/Answer" header.

How can I change my email address?

How can I change my security question/answer?

SAT Login Form

You need to be logged in to be able to change the email address associated with your account. From your home page, click [My Account] and select the "Email Address" header.

Enter in your new email address and answer you security question. Click "Save Changes". Unlike other websites where your email address is your login, Qwert5 requires a separate login id. You can therefore change your email address at any time.

How do I create my profile for the first time?

How do I start creating my Qwert5 based resume?

SAT Login Form

You should first create your complete profile. Click on Profile details option of My Account. The fields are self explanatory.

SAT Login Form

Next you should create your job history by clicking on "Add a job to job history". You can add jobs in any order that you wish - you can re-order your job history entries any number of times. You can delete job history entries if you wish.

SAT Login Form

Once you have entered all your profile details and all your jobs, you can view your resume in the Display profile option of the Apply section of JAMS©.

What is the difference between "profile" and "Job History"?

I notice that you refer to "profile" and "job history". What is the difference?

As an individual, you have certain details of yourself that will not typically change e.g. Your first and last names, email address, mailing address, telephone number, educational qualifications, certifications, etc. These details are entered in the Profile section.

You also have a job history with which is associated, information like employer's name, start and end dates, job responsibilities, achievements in the job, etc. These details are stored in Job History.

How can I change my Job History?

How can I change my job history?

SAT Link on Advice Page

From your home page, click [My Account] and select Job History.

SAT Link on Advice Page SAT Link on Advice Page SAT Link on Advice Page

Then select the job whose details you wish to change and click Save once you are done. (To close without saving any changes, simply click on the job summary in the My Account menu.)

Click on the Down arrow or Up arrow on the right to move the details of that job down one place or up one place. Click on the Trash can to delete that job from your job history. Note that Compensation for any job is NOT displayed on your resume.

How can insert a job in my Job History?

I missed a small duration job which I had some years ago. The jobs before and after are already in my profile. How do I add this small duration job and locate it in the right place as per the chronology of the jobs I have held?

SAT Link on Advice Page

Simply click on the "Add a job to Job History" in the My Account menu and enter all the details.

Once you have saved this information, you can click on Update Job History and use the up and down arrows to position this job as you wish.

How do I search for a job on Qwert5?

How do I search for jobs?

SAT Link on Advice Page

After logging in, click on "Search".

Now, you have two options:

1) You can use Qwert5's own job search engine by clicking on the first button.

2) Or you can search for a job on any job site that you wish.  In the text box, enter the address of the website where you want to apply and click on the submit button. The Qwert5 browser window is reduced to half its width and in the other half an new window is opened where the page of the address you specified is displayed.

Search and apply for jobs like you would normally do on that website. (Qwert5 does not differentiate between job sites or careers sections in corporate websites.)

How do I apply for a job through Qwert5?

I have found a position which I want to apply to. How can I make best use of Qwert5's IBSiJAT technology?

Once you have found a position in the Search window on the left, simply click on the links provided in that website - like the "Apply to job" button on that website. Any information that is required to be entered as part of your application process can be dragged and dropped from your Qwert5 resume into the appropriate form fields.

To do this, click on the "Apply" hyperlink on the Qwert5 window on the right. Now click on "View your resume".

Now you have your resume on the right and the application form on the left. Simply select the appropriate text in your resume and drag and drop it into the application form on the left into the appropriate form fields.

Once you have entered all the fields DO NOT CLICK ON THE SUBMIT BUTTON YET!

Now click on the "Enter New Application" link and drag and drop from the application form window on the left into the Qwert5 New Application form in the window on the right. Note that you can drag and drop even non-modifiable text from the application window into the New Application form. Click on "Select Date" in each case and store the date by selecting the date on the popped up window. Once you have entered all available details in the Application form, you can submit the application in the left window and store the new application in the right window.

How can I track applications NOT submitted through Qwert5?

I submitted an application outside of Qwert5. Can I track it on Qwert5?

SAT Link on Advice Page

Definitely. Qwert5 does not differentiate between applications based on their mode of submission.

You can track any application through Qwert5's Application Tracker irrespective of how you have submitted the application. Simply click on "Enter New Application" link in the Apply section and enter details as you would like them to be stored.

To do this, click on the "Apply" hyperlink on the Qwert5 window on the right. Now click on "View your resume".

These applications may have been submitted as an email to a recruiter or even as a mailed application using your Postal or Courier services or fax or even outside Qwert5.

How can I change information in my tracked applications?

How do I change information in the applications I am tracking?

Click on "Track". All applications that you have entered in Qwert5 and which you have not deleted, are shown to you. Select the application you want to change information about by clicking it. Change whatever information you wish to change and click the "Save" option at the bottom of that application. To collapse that application, simply click on the application title at the top of the form - the form collapses. If you do not want to save any of the changes, simply collapse that application.

Are there any text length limitations in Qwert5?

Are there any limitations on the size of the text that I enter on various forms on Qwert5?

SAT Link on Advice Page

Yes. Each field has its own limitations with respect to its length. The maximum length of the string that is allowed is provided against each field.

As data is entered in the field, a running count of that field shows how many characters you have used out of the maximum length allowed for that field. Once that limit is reached, any characters entered thereafter are ignored.

How can I specify dates in Qwert5?

How do I specify date fields?

SAT Link on Advice Page

Against each date field you have a link "Select date".

Clicking that link presents you a calendar from which you can choose the date for that field.

Can I change the choices in the Next Action Drop down to something that I prefer?

Can I change the "Next Action" or the "Status" options to something I want?

No. We have given a large variety of options for both Status and Next Action. Further the order in which we have given options are what we have experienced in a typical job search. Please write to us with suggestions as to what more "next action" options we can consider for inclusion using the Contact option.

Can I send job application related emails through Qwert5?

Can I send job related emails to the recruiter from Qwert5?

No. In the interest of security and to avoid complaints of spamming against our website, we do not allow any user to send emails from our website.


However, you can view your resume on QwertQwert5 on screen. You can edit the content of any of the job history entires, dates, places etc any number of times till you are satisfied. Thereafter, you can email yourself your resume in pdf format.

What are next action reminders?

I like the feature of receiving next action reminders, how does that work?

SAT Link on Advice Page

Against each application which you are tracking are two fields - next action and next action date. You can choose any appropriate next action from the options provided in the drop down boxes.

SAT Link on Advice Page

Starting on the day before the next action due date and subsequently, Qwert5 automatically sends reminders to you in respect of your applications which qualify as above. Only one email message per day is sent to a you. This message will contain details of all applications having qualifying next actions. Please ensure that emails from are not automatically moved to the trash or spam folder in your mailbox. Next action reminders also contain details of Keep-In-Mind entries that you have stored on the Qwert5 website.

How can I stop reminder emails for obsolete applications

I am receiving reminder emails for actions that were due a long time ago - like 2 weeks or 2 months. How do I stop it?

You cannot stop reminder emails for such actions. Qwert5 considers actions that were due today or any day before today as "Overdue actions" and will send reminders about the actions.

You have 2 options.

Option 1 - Set a next action date substantially into the future.

If you want to continue to track that application (which would be in case of positions which have gone on hold but are expected to revive in the future), you can change the next action date to something many days after today so until a day before that date, you will not receive reminders about that application. Using the application reordering option, you can also place such applications to the bottom of the applications which you are tracking. Later you can once again use the reordering option and bring it to the top or any other position that you like.

Option 2 - delete the application.

You always have the option to delete the application at any time. Do remember that once you delete the application, there is no way in which you can retrieve that application and "undelete" that application.


Can I download my resume?

Is there a way I can download my resume as it appears on Qwert5 ?

You can download only a pdf version of your resume. There are many free pdf converters available for download - choose one that you find appropriate after assuring yourself that it does not download any viruses. Then you can simply print your resume to the output pdf file using the browser's print option from the "View your resume" page.

How long can I store applications on Qwert5?

Is there a time limit to how long I can track applications and Keep-In-Mind entries on Qwert5?

Any application can be tracked for a maximum of 1 year after which the application is purged.

A maximum of 99 active applications can be stored at any time.

A maximum of 30 Keep-In-Mind website addresses can be stored at any time - each for a maximum duration of 30 days.

Do you share resumes with recruiters?

Do you share any of our resumes with recruiters?

No. We do not share your resumes with recruiters without your permission.

Do you charge job seekers to recoup your expenses?

What do you charge for storing our resume and profile on the Qwert5 website?

The job seeker pays NOTHING for any of Qwert5 services. You will notice we do not ask for any of your financial details on our website.

How do you pay for expenses of this site?

If you don't charge anything, how do you make your money to help sustain this venture?

We are dependent solely on Advertising revenue for our day to day expenses.

I need more than just next action, where I can log the progress of each application?

I have multiple interactions for each application. How can I keep a log of interactions for each application?

SAT Link on Advice Page

There is a 600 character comment field in each application. You can enter any text that will help you to remember each interaction with each recruiter. (We suggest that you enter comments such as "6/24:infmd rec that 80K ok. 6/25:rec says 80K 2 high, can go fr 76K, told rec ok for 76K." - cryptic but having all information you need. Later on if you find that you are running out of space for adding more information, you can always delete earlier part of the comments to be able to accommodate more recent comments towards the end.)

I have different dates of next action. How does Qwert5 help here?

The dates of my follow up for each application is different for each application. Does JAMS allow me to keep different dates of next action?

Yes. Simply change the next action date in respect of any application that you have stored.

I now have more information about a job. Can I change what I stored earlier in my job application?

I entered information about an application to the best of my knowledge when I submitted my application. Now after multiple interactions, I know more about the position. How many times can I update the information related to that application?

Any number. Qwert5 does not put any limitation to the number of times that application details can be changed in respect of any application.

A position was put on hold but is now active. Can resume tracking it?

The position I applied for went on hold and now has revived. I have to restart tracking of that application. The recruiter has also changed. What should I do in JAMS?

You would have put a status of "On Hold" when the job went on hold. Now, you can revive the application by changing its status to an appropriate value and also the next action date. Recruiter details (like any other detail) in the application can be changed any number of times.

How do I permanently stop tracking an application?

How do I stop tracking an application on Qwert5?

Delete the application in JAMS using the "Tracker" Option.

Pop up blocking on Qwert5

Pop up blocking and Qwert5

For the fullest experience on Qwert5, you will need to allow Qwert5 to open pop up windows. Qwert5 by itself does not open more than 2 additional pop up windows - except when you explicitly click on a displayed ad on our website.

When you have entered and stored a web address and details in Keep-In-Mind, a new window or tab is opened when you click the web address. The second additional window is opened up when you click on the Open URL button on the Search section of JAMS - see below.

These are the ONLY two links where we need to open pop up windows due to technical limitations imposed by ALL browsers.




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